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Data & Analytics Services

Today’s companies are generating and storing remarkable amounts of data. As an enterprise, realize that data is your most valuable asset, The average business uses thirteen applications: Data Integration unifies that data into a centralized location so it’s instantly accessible by any department. Gauged Solutions integrates data from any source via custom APIs, EDI, or ETL.


Data Visualization & Reporting

For all that data collected daily, visualization is a vital tool. It massages the data into an easy-to-understand form, creating a story with no noise and emphasizing the useful parts in reports. Effective data visualization balances form and function.



EDI is a way of exchanging orders, receipts and confirmations of orders, used in everything from retail to government procurement installations. It is a fairly old specification with a pretty large base of users. EDI helps to eliminate waiting times associated with manual processing, provides users with real-time product and stock level information, creates benchmarks for future sales forecasting, and reduces overheads by creating an efficient business process.


ETL Services

ETL (Extract, translate, load) processes will aid enterprises in real-time analysis of their business data. A data warehouse, properly used, will aid you in making critical business decisions.